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Our Clients Feedback

It’s so nice when I help a client to overcome pain or see children and babies responding to treatment. It’s even nicer when my clients give such positive feedback. These are just some of the comments that have been left after treatment.

Fantastic chiropractor, amazing human

Fantastic chiropractor; amazing human. Trust that Dr. Hazel will do whatever she can to help you, always.

Lauren Cormier (via Facebook)

Professional, friendly and brilliant with my baby

Hazel is great! She’s professional, friendly and was brilliant with my baby. I would definitely recommend her.

Alex Ririe (via Facebook)

You must see Hazel

You must see Hazel – she has been fundamental to my recovery after a nasty car accident in which i seriously injured my back, ribs and hips. She is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable chiropractor who has helped me feel better every day. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has also been a great support in both my physical and mental recovery, as there have been days when I’ve felt too stiff or uncomfortable to get even out of bed, but I know that she will be able to sort out whatever it is that is troubling me.

Katy Beardsley (via Facebook)

Brilliant through two pregnancies

Hazel has been brilliant through two pregnancies, a few falls and all the ups and downs of life with toddlers. I have also taken my youngest along when a few weeks old and the treatment really helped relax his jaw and get him breastfeeding. Can’t recommend her enough.

Lydia Banerjee (via Facebook)

Best Chiropractor I have ever been to!

I have had various arthritic and muscular problems and have seen many practitioners over the years. Without a doubt, Hazel is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I was so glad to have found her! She listens with care and is able to translate my vague explanations into a complete understanding, and then has the deep skill to address the exact cause of the problem. I never fail to feel much better after a session. I would recommend you to anyone – and indeed have done so to several friends and family. Thank you Hazel!

Bev McKenna (via Facebook)

Very gentle and helpful!

Very gentle and helpful! I have back pain from many years but after the treatments it’s getting better.

Maria Gołębiowska (via Facebook)

Hazel is a fantastic chiropractor

Hazel is a fantastic chiropractor- she is personable, understanding, patient and professional. I always feel great and relaxed after her treatments and she is always happy to answer any questions. I highly recommend Hazel!

Maya Barcot (via Facebook)

Great with pregnancy care, babies and children

Hazel is a fabulous Chiropractor. She is gentle and caring. I always feel extremely relaxed after a treatment. Hazel is great with pregnancy care, babies and children, having worked in childcare before becoming a Chiropractor, shes a natural!

Rachel Hodson (via Facebook)

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