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What to Expect when you visit

With any new treatment, if you have never experienced it before then you can be apprehensive.

Here we’ve outlined what you can expect from your treatments to put you at ease.

Your 1st appointment

This will involve an initial consultation where a relevant history will be taken followed by a specific examination leading to an informed diagnosis.

We will then discuss what the underlying causes for your symptoms are and how I can help you reduce your initial symptoms and restore function to your body.

If an underlying condition is detected, for which other treatment is more appropriate you will be referred without delay.

Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing. If appropriate and time allows treatment can also take place within the 1st appointment.

Treatment Plan

An individualised treatment plan will be designed for you, based on 3 phases which are related to timeframes for healing and restoration of function in your body. These 3 phases of treatment are:

Initial Phase

This phase is when your treatment will be more frequent and the main focus is working to reduce your symptoms and pain levels and begin the restoration of function to your affected joints, muscles and nerves.

Corrective Phase

In this phase your treatment frequency will reduce as your symptoms and pain levels reduce – now the focus is to continually improve and maintain the restoration of function to your affected joints, muscles and nerves.

Maintenance Care

I recommend that my patients consider maintenance care after they have completed the initial 2 phases of treatment, this helps to prevent relapses and re-occurrences of their symptoms and the underlying causes.
I believe that modern life is not often conducive to a healthy spine and body due to the amount of time we spend being sedentary versus the amount of time we spend in movement.

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