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Headaches and Chiropractic

I see many patients in clinic with Headaches and also Migraines. Sometimes they book their appointment hoping to treat their headaches and sometimes it’s mentioned in passing when we take a history in the initial consultation, because they didn’t realise that Chiropractic care could help with their headaches.

There are many reasons that people suffer with headaches. If one of those reasons is related to tension the neck and shoulders – either in the joints or muscles – then Chiropractic care can be very effective.

Several muscles in the shoulders and neck attach up to the skull and if these are tight and restricted, they can put pressure on the skull which can result in a headache.

Muscles of the neck and shoulders

This picture shows all the neck and shoulder muscles that attach up to the head.

If the joints in the neck are not moving properly then they can cause pain with sudden movement of the neck and head and also lead to tension in the muscles of the neck as they compensate to create the movement you require.

Stress is another factor for headache sufferers, stress can create tension in our muscles as often we hunch our shoulders up to our ears and hold our bodies in tension when we feel stressed or anxious.

Dehydration can also be a cause of headaches, drinking water regularly is good for many systems of your body and may help with reducing episodes of headaches.

Do not ignore headaches if you are having them, visit your GP to get them checked out. If you are experiencing a headache that is worse than any other headache you have ever had or your normal headaches have changed you should make an appointment to see your GP or go straight to A&E if you also feel unwell in other ways.

After you have discussed your headaches with your GP and you would like to see if Chiropractic care can help you contact us at 360 Chiropractic to book an appointment today: 07582 907702

If you would like to do some more reading here is a link to an article on Spinal Manipulation and Headaches:

Hazel Dillon  Hazel is the principal Chiropractor at 360 Chiropractic.

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