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Meat Free Valentine’s Meal

I like to set myself a healthy challenge every month, in February I am going meat free. February has a few notable dates in it – including my birthday – but the most famous date is probably Valentine’s Day. Below are some meat free recipe ideas for your romantic evening. Read on for your meat free Valentine’s meal.

Romantic Boost

Apart from the obvious chocolate and champagne on Valentine’s Day, try a delicious asparagus, rocket and pine nut salad for a romantic boost. The Vegetarian Society recommends eating asparagus for three days in a row for maximum benefit. Less romantically, asparagus is also a fantastic liver and kidney cleanser. Rocket is full of vitamins, particularly antioxidants C and A, and minerals iron and potassium. It has been touted as a powerful aphrodisiac since the first century A.D.  Pine nuts are delicious and packed with zinc, vital for male reproductive health, as well boosting both male and female immunity.

Stimulatory Effects from the Main Meal

A main meal containing coriander would be excellent on the 14th due to the reported stimulatory effects of this herb. Coriander is also great for reducing inflammation, clearing the body of heavy metals such as mercury and other pollutants. It is also a nutritious source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What’s for Dessert?

For dessert try something with warming nutmeg and vanilla. Nutmeg in Chinese Herbal Medicine is particularly prized as a powerful female aphrodisiac.

Massage Oils Anyone?

Add an additional serotonin boost by burning or using for massage, the essential oils of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose. Essential oils should be mixed with a base oil, such as almond or jojoba if used directly on the skin or in the bath.

Hot Chocolate? You Sexy Thing

Maca has been used since Incan times. It can be sprinkled on food or in drinks in its powdered form or can be taken as a capsule. A spoonful of this superfood in hot chocolate works particularly well too.

Boost your Evening Safely

There are some good Damiana blends available containing other boosting herbs, such as ashwaganda and ginseng. These herbs reportedly benefit both men and women.

As always, check with a qualified practitioner or your doctor that a herbal supplement is right for you and that it doesn’t contraindicate with other medications you may be on. Enjoy your meat free Valentine’s meal!

More Fancy Tips

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